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PlanetCare is the finalist of the Slovenian Environmental Awards

PlanetCare was one of the three finalists receiving recognition for the positive impact our microfiber filters have on the environment.

This award is part of the ‘Environmental Awards’ run by Finance, Slovenia’s largest business media outlet, and Eco fund, Slovenian Environmental Public Fund.

We are honoured the jury recognised the positive environmental impact PlanetCare is creating together with our global community and commended us in the category ‘Environmentally Friendly Product’.

We would like to thank everyone who believes in us and the vision we share and promise you to keep up the fight against microfiber pollution.

Masa Sprajcar-Rancic
Masa Sprajcar-Rancic
Masa spends a significant chunk of time on empowering people to live more sustainably by merging her knowledge of environmental sciences with behaviour change insights. When not at work she loves spending time outdoors, so you’ll most likely find her on her bike or at her allotment.

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