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"As Seen On" CBS News has finally come true!

We are so grateful and proud to announce this important milestone for our small team: PlanetCare has been featured on the big American news site CBS News! 🇺🇸

For a small company like ours, this is such a big recognition. When Mojca Zupan, our CEO, started this journey, no one believed it was possible. Everybody said no one wanted a microfiber filter. But she proved everyone wrong.

With media features like this, we continue to raise awareness about this invisible yet super dangerous pollution. Thank you so much to the Henry Ford Innovation Nation and Mo Rocca from CBS News for having us and helping us spread the word. We can only stop this pollution together! 💙

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Nasti Susnjara
Nasti Susnjara
In 2020 I found out about the fact that our laundry is polluting oceans, and it changed my life. Once you see it, you can't unsee it. I became an advocate for "microplastic-free laundry", especially since it's so easy to do it by adding a simple filter to our washing machines.

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