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Author: Nasti Susnjara

In 2020 I found out about the fact that our laundry is polluting oceans, and it changed my life. Once you see it, you can't unsee it. I became an advocate for "microplastic-free laundry", especially since it's so easy to do it by adding a simple filter to our washing machines.

"As Seen On" CBS News has finally come true!

Breaking news: microfiber pollution can be stopped at home....

PlanetCare Wins the Zero Microplastics Challenge 2020

According to independent tests done by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, "PlanetCare is the best microfiber filtering...

Behavioral Science in Sustainability: How to Convince People to Do Something About Microfiber Pollution

Scalable impactful innovation takes into account how consumers actually behave. Claire de la Mothe Karoubi explains 4...

France The First To Introduce Mandatory Microfibre Filters On Washing Machines From 2025

Legislative steps in the fight against plastic microfiber pollution are crucial. Here's how France is leading the way....
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