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PlanetCare Wins the Amazon Launchpad Innovation Award

PlanetCare is one of the first five ever winners of the Amazon Launchpad Innovation Award. The award champions startups that bring innovation into everyday and shape the future with cutting-edge products and bold vision.

Winning this award brings us one step closer to bringing the PlanetCare microfiber filter in all households around the world. Only together we can fully stop the microplastic pollution coming from our washing machines and keep the oceans clean and healthy for all to enjoy.

"PlanetCare microfiber filter is an innovative, cutting-edge product that makes a better world."

- Amazon Launchpad Innovation Awards, 2021

Over 1,800 startups from 26 countries applied and five judges assessed them against the following criteria: aesthetic and product design; social, ecological and economical sustainability aspects of the product; and uniqueness and differentiation.

Winning this will allow us to further innovate, improve our filters and service, bring the filter into more households around the world and, ultimately, create more positive change.

Every laundry counts!

“Our community is the driving force of everything we do and we wouldn’t be where we are today without your support. Winning this award is another recognition we are on the right path and we are so excited about the opportunity it brings.

Together, we’re one step closer to bringing a microfiber filter in every household and turning the tide on microplastics pollution once and for all. Thank you for being with us, it truly means the world. said Mojca Zupan, PlanetCare’s Founder and CEO.

Masa Sprajcar-Rancic
Masa Sprajcar-Rancic
Masa spends a significant chunk of time on empowering people to live more sustainably by merging her knowledge of environmental sciences with behaviour change insights. When not at work she loves spending time outdoors, so you’ll most likely find her on her bike or at her allotment.

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