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Pushing for policy change in EU

Microplastics are a pervasive environmental problem but somehow politics tends to neglect the issue. But luckily there are initiatives worldwide to push for policy change.

Microfibres (fibres less than 5mm) from synthetic textiles are contributing to the global plastic crisis. Every year more than half a million tonnes of microfibres are released into the world's oceans simply from washing our clothes. Synthetic textiles are now thought to be the most prevalent source of microplastics found in waterways and soil.
Microplastics are a pervasive environmental problem; they have infiltrated the most pristine locations on Earth, from Antarctic Sea ice to the guts of marine animals inhabiting the deepest ocean trenches. They have been found in drinking water and food systems. Microplastics are pervasive in the environment, but also in the human body. They have been found in stools, blood, lung tissue, breast milk, and the placenta.

We are happy to be to co-authors of a white paper together with The 5 Gyres Institute, XEROS, A Plastic Planet and Matter. Its conclusions? By mandating washing machine filters, the European Commission could significantly reduce the release of microplastics into the environment and therefore deliver on the EU’s strategy for sustainable and circular textiles within the Circular Economy Action Plan.

Read the whitepaper HERE.

The whitepaper was published on April 17 2023 and has been delivered to Members of the European Commission ahead of the EU’s Initiative to tackle microplastics unintentionally released into the environment.


A big thank you to all our supporters, as well - City to Sea, Drip by Drip, Eco-Age, Fashion Revolution, Good On You, Plastic Soup Foundation, Ocean Blue Project, Ocean Conservancy and The 2 Minute Foundation

Dušan Matičič
Dušan Matičič

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