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Ocean Hero: Lila and her Mission

Lila is a 16 year old high school student in Farmington, Connecticut, USA. She has always been interested in environmental conservation and finding ways to be more eco-conscious. In Spring 2021, when in search of a way to take what she was passionate about and start a project that she could work on long-term, Lila came across the Plastic Tides Global Youth Mentor Program, in which she applied. Since August 2021 Lila and her mentor have been working on their project, titled ¨Microfiber Mission¨.
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The Guardian

Clothes washing linked to 'pervasive' plastic pollution in the Arctic  

Polyester fibres that injure marine life were found in sea water across region.
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"What happens with microfibers 
after we filter them?" 

Simply catching microfibers is not enough. What really matters is what happens after that and how can we make sure they never end up in our rivers and oceans. 

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"It's time we convince policymakers to make microfiber filters in washing machines mandatory. The same thing has already been done with catalytic converters that reduce pollution from vehicles."


Founder & CEO @ PlanetCare
"Finally consumers can take action. 
If we wait for the fashion industry,
it can take years before 
the problem is solved."


Founder @ Plastic Soup  Foundation
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