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France The First To Introduce Mandatory Microfibre Filters On Washing Machines From 2025

As of January 2025, all new washing machines in France will have to include a microfiber filter to stop synthetic clothes from polluting our waterways. This makes France the first country in the world to take legislative steps in the fight against plastic microfiber pollution, according to the Plastic Soup Foundation

At the beginning of 2021, our founder Mojca Zupan has been invited to join industry leaders, NGOs, and policymakers to discuss the implications of France's new anti-waste law for achieving zero plastic waste in the oceans. The host of this event was Brune Poirson, French Secretary of State for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, the first politician in the world to pass such a groundbreaking law

"In 5 years, France will avoid 500 tons of microfibers."

- Mojca Zupan, PlanetCare Founder & CEO

Legislation as a result of joint efforts

This is a landmark moment. We are very honored that our expertise and efforts in developing an effective microfibre filter for washing machines are being recognized. None of this would've been possible without PlanetCare users. All these amazing people from around the globe actively using our filters are living proof that we can stop microfiber pollution if we decide to take action.

France AntiWaste Law 2020
PlanetCare was invited to the round-table discussion in Paris about the introduction of filters in washing machines.

Convincing the rest of Europe and manufacturers

Washing machine manufacturers are still reluctant to implement this law and insist that the process “is complicated”. Nevertheless, together with PlanetCare users worldwide we have already shown that the implementation is possible.

Ou team is even more committed than ever to continue pushing for legislative changes in other countries. Every microfiber filter installed is getting us one step closer to the change that is very much due.

"In the next few decades, the number of washing machines in the world will increase from 2 billion to 5 billion. Without a filter, that’s a nightmare for the environment."

- Maria Westerbos, Founder @ Plastic Soup Foundation
Nasti Susnjara
Nasti Susnjara
In 2020 I found out about the fact that our laundry is polluting oceans, and it changed my life. Once you see it, you can't unsee it. I became an advocate for "microplastic-free laundry", especially since it's so easy to do it by adding a simple filter to our washing machines.

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7 comments on “France The First To Introduce Mandatory Microfibre Filters On Washing Machines From 2025”

  1. I love this!!!! I’m an environmental activist in Boston, Massachusetts. I’m going to try to hav this same law passed in the States. We have green leaning legislators in Washington my goal for 2023 is to get this going. It wakes me sick that most of our clothes are to some degree synthetic!!!!! Seeing this today gives me hope!!!!!

  2. The filter is a great idea. I have fitted one, and introduced another to do the same. The developement of machines with integral filters is long overdue

  3. great news. credits to PlanetCare for bringing attention to this huge problem first and even developing a solution. Now France follows.

  4. Bij ons werkt het filter niet zodra we hem installeren, stopt de wasmachine en krijgen we de mededeling 'problemen met het waterafvoer '. Heeft u een oplossing?

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