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The First "Green Deal" Funding Received By The European Innovation Council

We are excited to share that PlanetCare has been awarded a grant for an R&D project as part of the first “Green Deal” funding from the European Innovation Council.

August 2020 brought more game-changing news. PlanetCare was selected among thousands of other innovative solutions to receive a grant for an R&D project as part of the first “Green Deal” funding from the European Innovation Council.

With the grant, PlanetCare will develop a built-in filter for washing machines. With the availability of the built-in filtering technology the positive impact will scale for several orders of magnitude and will set a new standard for a truly sustainable way to do laundry. The built-in filter will also be available for the service industry, furthering its potential for replication and pollution prevention.

“It is a great honour to be selected among thousands of other innovative solutions. With so many transformative businesses pursuing the vision of living in a better, healthier, environment as well as building a cohesive and inclusive society, I am very hopeful for the future. At PlanetCare we will continue to work passionately towards fully stopping the harmful microfiber pollution. This grant brings us closer to making oceans plastic-free again and we are grateful for the opportunity to support the recovery plan for Europe.”

Mojca Zupan, Founder & CEO PlanetCare
Masa Sprajcar-Rancic
Masa Sprajcar-Rancic
Masa spends a significant chunk of time on empowering people to live more sustainably by merging her knowledge of environmental sciences with behaviour change insights. When not at work she loves spending time outdoors, so you’ll most likely find her on her bike or at her allotment.

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