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PlanetCare Selected as Finalist in The Ocean Impact Pitchfest 2022!

We’re excited to announce that Ocean Impact Organisation has selected PlanetCare as one of the 10 Finalists in The Ocean Impact Pitchfest 2022 presented by HP Australia!

Ocean Impact Organisation's purpose is to transform ocean health through inspiration, innovation, and good business. They support and accelerate ocean impact businesses. We are glad to be recognised as a business that impacts ocean in a positive way. We do our best!

The winners will be announced on November 24th, and we will share the final results then. Thank you for all your support!

The jury of twelve will judge the finalists by seven criteria: Potential for impact. Innovation. Product market fit. Competitive advantage. Business Plan. Team. A great pitch video.

"The finalists announced are highlighting the groundbreaking efforts being made locally and globally to address the growing pressures humans are placing on the ocean. "

- The Ocean Impact, 2022

This achievement is, as always, the result of hard teamwork, team's passion and commitment to never stop looking for better solutions. Keep your fingers crossed!

Here's our video on how and why it all started. Does it qualify as a 'great pitch video'?:)

Marjana Lavrič Šulman
Marjana Lavrič Šulman
Marjana Lavrič Šulman is the PlanetCare 'Brand Person'. She is passionate about people, brands and organisations doing the right thing. She believes that to be kind to the people and to the planet is the ultimate answer to a better world. When not at work she spends her time with her family, preferrably outdoors. Her favourite season is winter.

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